Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Tree
It was 50 years ago today. Well, Monday 30th. to be precise. For on a chilly January day in 1967 the Fabs gathered here as they prepared to make their SFF video. Knole Park, Sevenoaks as if I had to mention and it was very chilly there today. Of course, there is some debate around the location of tree which is thought to have been blown down in the Great Storm of '87. Whilst there are many photos of the shoot, none seem to reveal the exact location so, in order to make the whole thing a bit more interestingly, let's settle for this stump.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The second greatest band ever

It was a surprise and a joy to discover a Velvet Underground retrospective at the impressive Philharmonia in Paris on last weekend's 'mini-break' (God, did I just say mini-break? ). Whist some members of the clan did not exactly thrill to the sound of Venus in Furs played with dial set to 11 (the explicit (understatement) gay porno projection did nothing to endear them to the 'happenning'  - must stop using '-' and even ''''''''''' .....hell ! losing my place here...brackets  ........where are we ? Open or close ?)))))) That should do it.

Anyway, whilst my street cred at school was pretty damn zero due to the fact I could induce a yawn at 100 yards whenever the topic of The Fabs was raised (by me I would have to confess, often....well, at least between lessons), I redeemed myself to some extent in the eyes of my peers back then by discovering the chords to Waiting for My Man.

Despite being a bit of a VU nerd over years, I was shocked to discover that, despite the absense of Reed, Cale, Morrison and even Mo Tucker, poor old Doug Yule soldiered on until 1973 ! What's more, who would have guessed that their final concert was given at....wait for it....Northampton Cricket Club ???!!!. Can this really be true ? But it's on the must ermm...

Now, somewhere in my wine fuddled bonce I can see Brian Epstein at the side of a swimming pool holding the Banana Album with John Lennon looking on. Am I finally losing it ?

Back in tge gallery....

Kids ! It's art ! Get over it ! No, heroine is definitely bad. Bad, bad, bad but this is art. Just shut up and buy me everything in this gift shop. No kids, they are not better than the Beatles. No ! The Beatles are still the best. Stop it ! Yes, yes, yes I do still love The Beatles more the anything....I am aloud to like another group. Stop spoiling it for me....bloody mini-break. A break from what ??

Sunday, December 6, 2015

White Album

Ringo has just sold the No. 00000001 White Album for $790000. Alas, having just checked my cherished collection of all things Fab in the 'room thou shalt not enter, kids' I am disappointed to find my album is without number. Whatsmore, what the hell has happened to my poster insert ? Bloody hell ! Please don't say I left it on the university bedsit wall in 1981 ? Dang.

Ringo auction

Ringo Starr sells memorabilia for $9m

Including the back panel from Julian's caravan for $125k. This surprises me. He inherited the caravan with the house but just kept the panel ? The rest of the caravan was recently rediscovered. I wish  I new the full story.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Your man in Tunbridge Wells

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Donovan. Yes, it's true there was a certain amount of self indulgence through the later part of the 60's and there aren't many memorable tunes post '69 - okay '68, but some of that early folk stuff was really enjoyable and, on hearing his 'Yellow is the colour of my true love's eyes' I was quite moved this evening. He really came up with some great tunes...Sunshine Superman, Season of the Witch, Mellow Yellow  (at a push) but what about Sunny Goodge Street ? Macca's favourite I think. But, whilst his acoustic set this evening at TW was really enjoyable, I guess, if I'm honest, what I really turned up for was his anecdotes. He was there, wasn't he. He was at the heart of it. For goodness sake, he was there in India. Sky of blue, Sea of green.So he sat there for 90 minutes on his cushion with his guitar  (called Kelly...) in his arms and played all those tunes I loved even though I got ribbed no end in the late 70's for being the only hippie amongst a 5th form of smelly punks. He must be 70 - if I  sit cross legged for 90 minutes I need medical attention before attempting to get up ! Although his voice is now a bit 'vibrato' his guitar playing remains impressive and I remember his influence on the great White Album. A good evening and another birthday present I didn't deserve.

Friday, July 31, 2015

George in Hever

There is an old train carriage in the car park of Hever Station. A cut out of George Harrison is in the window. Sounds like a very bad haiku.....

Monday, May 18, 2015

Macca's Astin Martin

The famous story of Paul caring about Cynthia and Julian....and writing Hey, Jude on the way. Did I read somewhere that Jude wasn't really about Julian but was directed at his girlfriend, Francie Schwartz ? Let's stick with the original story

Boycie meets the Beatles

Funny how Lennon always seems do dominate the reminiscences. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Lennon returns to Knole Park

Ok...a dog called Lennon. Of course the dog is called Lennon. It was part of the deal.......actually full name is Lennon Harristar McCartney but don't the kids. Hopefully they wont check his name where is that bloody stump ?????

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mason's Yard

The January sales are here once more and here I am (once more) at the Cheques Tavern pondering my course through the marauding masses and wondering whether the year's excesses have added yet another inch or two to my already full waist line. This year's suit is somewhere out there within a mile of where I am quaffing...but where exactly. Another pint of Shepherd's Neame is required before braving the heaving throng. 

Now the Cheques Tavern is a perfectly reasonable pub - quite friendly though the prices inevitably reflect the neighbourhood but hey-ho. But, of course, the choice of this pub as a starting place for the day is due to the fact that it backs on to Mason's Yard. Yes - the place where Joko came together. And but fifty yards away from The Scotch at St James - where once upon a time the Fabs paid a quid for a drink.

Look at it it still a nightclub ? Who goes there now ? What on earth is that concrete monstrosity in the middle ? What did the yard look like when John L stumbled out of Indica, possibly reflecting on his statement that avant garde was French for bullshit.

The Cheques Tavern

Indica as was - wrapping paper by Macca

Ok - I'll answer my own questions. Having just typed in 'The Scotch at St James's' into the information superhighway I am informed that the place was closed for 20 years but re-opened in 2012. See previous posts on this topic with pics of renovation. The place is clearly still packing in the celebs at what looks like an uber (can't find the umlaut ..hold on, has umlaut got an umlaut ? Let it go !)  trendy place - as the kids almost certainly do not say.
But here is one of Macca in the Scotch back in Feb 1966. I wonder how much he'd have to pay for a Brandy Alexander today ?

Macca at The Scotch

The Indica to The Scotch

Leaving the warmth of the Cheques, I made way towards Jermyn Street and, as in previous years, reflected on why I can't afford a suit even when it has 75% off. But soon I was distracted again as I approached Saville Row. At last the 'renovation' of the place is complete and bratty kids with their bratty parents are encouraged to empty their wallets in exchange for bits of denim at a £100 quid a throw (now hold on there. Who am I to judge these people...didn't I once come perilously close to parting with £100 for a square inch of Kenwood carpet ? Was it only the cries of 'Daddy we're hungry' that prevented me from clicking the 'Buy it now and to hell with the kids' button.)

Should I ? Should I ? I can't resist and feeling like a bit of a freak (not having the kids with me on this occasion) I actually entered No.3. Slightly to my surprise the place was empty. I quickly made my way up two flights of stairs, thought about the camera then thought better of it. It was a very strange feeling look out from the second floor down onto Saville Row. The sweeping staircase I guess is original, some of the fire surrounds look authentic. And just inside the door is this.....

Out into glooming and secret haunts

The flame cries, 'Come!'
Happy New Year to all.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Beatle Auction up date

Blimey - that's one hell of a fashion statement. What a zipper ! Easy action for pissing up the curtains according to Michael Caine

In  my dreams....likely to go for $1M ?

£150000 for this signed copy ? Surely some mistake...

Cute. Must have been on their trip to Scotland. Shaky hand understandable given JL's driving


Don't know how this slipped in. Kate Bush imploring someone called Dave to 'Keep Smiling'. Who wouldn't given this pic. Yours for a mere £100.

Beatle Auction

It's gonna be mine. At the Southbank Bank centre right now finishing off my house red and about to make my way to Le Merridian to bid for the Lennon Chess Table. See Kenwoodlennon blog for details. I'm excited, I'm excited ! Maybe one more glass before I go...