Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shakespeare Day in London

Ok - it started out as a Shakespeare Day out in grand olde Londinium and yes we did 'do' the Globe but that only took a few minutes (cough, cough) and so we had the whole of the day before us and I just happened to have packed the Beatles London book in the Yellow Submarine rucksack ( I'm sharing too much). So we made a BeaLine for the Abbey Road Cafe and thence onto the studios. Worth noting that extreme caution is required these days as drivers get terribly upset by the hordes messing around. The young Brilig became increasing emotional (very strange) when I forced her to cross the road for the hundredth time then pushed her through the Studio Gates as, through the tears, she protested 'The sign says 'Strictly Private' Daddy !!' I reassured her that it was quite unlikely she would get arrested as I positioned myself back behind the railing to get the long distance shot - well it was no use us both getting into trouble.