Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mad Wet Day Out

O the dedication and the madness ! For reasons too boring to explain, I found myself with much time on my hands in central London today. Alas, the suddeness of the opportunity caught me on the hop and ill-prepared - good camera sitting back on the Brilig mantelpiece. Ho hum - let's fire up the low res phone and bag us some Beatle Pics.

According to my second favourite book of all time, this restaurant on the King's Road was a popular eating place of the Fabs and their kind in the sixties. Now a Pizza Express

One more for luck

And another in same neighbourhood, a nightclub called Del Arousa back in the day.

One more for luck

The studio in Flood Street just off King's Road where Peter Blake worked his magic (for a paltry £200 apparently) to create the Sgt. Pepper cover.

And again

The 'other' Beatle boutique that dared not speak its name. 161 King's Road where, as it happens, a photo show is currently running with limited edition prints of some of the famous Beatle pics....

There you go, the light at the end of the Abbey Road...


And look ! Here is the one of O'Boogie as posted by Mr Kenwood-Lennon recently...

Apparently, No. 3 Cromwell Road was quite a happening place. Major renovations currently underway.

Where once they quaffed, I quaffed too (or three if I'm honest). The Devonshire Arms just off Manchester Square, a stone's throw from the EMI House.

And on to Motague Square, the home of the true rock star. O the nakedness of it all. Which flat was it ?

Now when was the last time images of both the Beatle Boutiques were captured on a phone camera on the same day ? And what sort of freak would ask such a question ?

Now this is just silly. Anyone who can tell me why I walked a mile in the rain to take a shot of this wall will win a big badge that says "I Need Help!"

Back in the mists of my traditional upbringing, I coverted this plate which was owned by an aunt of mine. She promised to give it to me before I left for college but forgot. She broke it in 1985. Ho hum.

It had to be done.

Give me some retail therapy - but at that price ?!

So, a splendid time was had but Mein Gott, Willy - didn't it rain.