Saturday, November 26, 2011

Its gotta back beat you can use it

Having reached a 'certain' age last week, I was showered with generous gifts and of all things pepperland from friends and family - and even my place of work where a quarter of a century of (cough, cough, nervous embarrassment) dedication to the cause was recognised not through the cerimonial presentation of gold watch from a thankfull MD but an email that said 'Wow 25 years ! Here's 500 squids for a night out'.

And so a splendid time in jolly old Londinium where much good living was had for 36 hours the highlight being a meal near the Blueposts following a good seat at the truely excellent BackBeat show. Unexpectedly moving throughout, a strong upper lip was required - it was hayfever, I swear. The pollen count being exceptionally high for this time of year. Must read up a bit more on Stuart Sutcliffe.

William Mews

Alas, the pickings are meagre these days to say the least. The Beatles' London book lists Williams Mews as being the home of George and Ringo in '64 and the place wot was visited by burglarrrrsss. So, whilst waiting around Knightsbridge station (as you do) directing pretty Italians to 'Arrods' (that wasn't the main reason for being there, urm...) I wandered off down the side streets of this most exclusive of neighbourhoods and eventually found it. Quite surprised by the naffness of this building amoung otherwise such appealing mews houses. Worth noting a couple of excellent pubs nearby, The Wilton Arms and The Nag's Head, the latter being of particular interest. Definitely a place where all heads turn to observe newcomers who dare to set foot over their threshold - 'Mine's not a Babycham' but welcoming after the locals adjust to your look. Look at the graininess - gotta get a camera