Sunday, September 8, 2013


As I wandered down Jermym Street yesterday pondering the course of my life and why I had not yet reached the point where I could afford a hand tailored suit  (and never would), I stumbled across this window display in one of the most venerable menswear stores. What the Hare Krishna was this all about ?? We know from the Beatles' London book (handily, at the bottom of my rucksack - enough all ready ...) that the Fabs frequented these parts to enhance their sartorial standing but that was at DAKs across the road. I see no record of purchases from Turnbull & Assers, Hosiers and Glovers. But hang on ! As I snapped away at the window display, a very gentle gentleman stepped out from the shop and invited me in to survey their Beatle related merchandise. Silk hankerchiefs of every Beatle album cover, jackets and tunics with fine inlays of famous Beatle moments ?! I asked the chap whether the shop had some sort of Beatle connection and he said that their Foursomeness had had their pyjamas made there ? Suits you, sir !

With time on my hands, I checked out latest status of No 3. Seems like the construction work has ground to a halt ? Did the 'Give three piece a Chance' campaign win the day ? Will the pitter-patter of tiny well shod feet not be heard running up and down the stairs at Kids Abercombie and Fitch ? Does anybody have any news on this ?
No 3 Savile Row
 Wait ! Wait ! Just discovered this on the intraweb - hankerchiefs at £95 a throw. But they are a limited edition....and I can't afford a suit - dam it man, I can't even afford a sodding hankerchief.