Friday, November 22, 2013

West Malling - A Famous Shop.

Well...famous may be pushing it a bit but this shop has, nevertheless, a place in Beatledom. For this ...(wait for it...wait for it..)  is the view from the inside (inside !) of the Rain Grill Kebab Shop in West Malling, Kent - purveyors of very fine kebabs of all persuasions and I can vouch for that having partaken of the ancient rotating meat this very lunchtime. This is the very shop in which Ringo purchases his MMT tickets from a mustached behatted Mr O'Boogie

Happily, the Fabs seem to have had a bit of a 'thang' about dear old Ancient Cantium having cavorted around 'my tree' in Knole Park in early '67 for the poptastic Strawberry Fields Forever video and then returning to the West Malling spot  later that summer for fun and frolics at the aerodrome. Lest we forget that ol' Johnny Boy bought his Mr Kite poster in Sevenoaks high street. 

Now, I must  confess that each time I investigate a Kent Beatles Spot I find (a little to my dismay, it has to be said) that umpteen fellow obsessives have got there before me. Strange how they all seem to look a little like me..Fifty something, greying (ok grey for pity's sake - throw me a bone why don't you) and always filming alone (Christ that's depressing...but then again, 'people' can cramp one's style). But could this be the first Beatle Place scoop ??? A view from the inside of ......for God's sake enough already. 

Exciting posts (!!) of all the above Fab Hotspots can be found on this very blog !!! Wow I hear the masses say ! What a very fine Beatle Blogger your are Herr Brilig !!! So just scroll away...its all down below somewhere (pass me the pills)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's my Birthday, too....yeah !

It's all about being of a certain age. Beatles T-shirt, Beatles Book (hurah ! at last Tune In is in my grubby mitts !), Beatles toy car, Beatles Cards, Beatles cakes..........I absolutely love it.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beatles Cakes

All parts edible. Birthday.....nuff said