Saturday, July 20, 2013

Passport to Pimlico

Well, not exactly Pimlico as the passport office is in Victoria but never let the truth get in the way of a mediocre title. And so for the third time in thirty years (passport renewal cycle of course) the Brilig holiday was in severe jeopardy as the passport renewal dates had been ....unobserved. With the threat of actual physical harm from the Brilig clan, I was ordered to take a day off and 'get it bloody well sorted' - my eleven year daughter's language is really developing.

Hahahahaha (evil laugh). Little did they know this was all part of  my elaborate scheme, plotted over many months to give me an excuse for a Beatles Fest day out in London in the brilliant sunshine ! With the Beatles London book hidden at the bottom of the rucksack (I did not want to give the game away) beneath the mountains of passport paperwork and multiple copies of mugshots signed by upstanding members of the community, I headed north to the metropolis. A fine Mad Day Our was on the cards....

Having queued and queued and queued at the Passport Office I was well and truly ready to make the most of the 4 hours between submitting the paperwork and the passports being ready. I had the said book open on pages 108+, the anticipation was building and several Beatle related watering holes were calling out to me.

But wait, what do you mean the photos of the beautiful children are not acceptable ??? What do you mean they they are not supposed to smile so much ?? What do you mean they were not all supposed to signed on the back ?? Dear God - don't I ever get a break !!!!!

Despite the misery of the passport situation, I managed to get a few Beatle snaps....not quite what I had planned but hey-ho....

36 Lyall Mews - Book page 111
First off, the very exclusive Lyall Mews. I had to move pretty sharpish after this photo as my presence was clearly causing some one inside some anxiety.

25 Pont Steet - Drug Man - Book page 112

San Lorenzo Restaurant - 22 Beauchamp Place - Book page 109
 The restaurant is still there and looks very pleasant. Thought about stopping for a quick bite to eat then remembered I still have most of my mortgage to pay

Borshtch 'n'n' Tears Restaurant - 45 Beauchamp Place - Book page 109
Back in about '88,  I 'dined' here with friends. I only have vague memories as the quaffing was rather intense that evening but I have an image in my mind of a semi-naked woman dancing on my table and drinking vodka from the bottle....

Parkes Restaurant - 4 Beauchamp Place - Book page 108
So this is where John Lennon got his line 'bent back tulips.

Pattie's Place - 15 Ovington Mews - Book page 111

Apple HQ - 27 Ovington Square - Book page 112
This one is new to me ! How can I really call myself a true Beatles fan when I did not even know this place existed ? It has not got an explicit entry in the Book but just a reference from Patti's Place (above). I peered through the window, I hung around the door, I photo'd everything in site. I suddenly remembered I am a middle aged businessman with three kids - what the hell am I doing with my Yellow Submarine cuff links, my Yeah Yeah Yeah socks !! Get back to the Passport office and sort out your life man !!!!!!

Apple HQ - 27 Ovington Square - Book page 112

Apple HQ - 27 Ovington Square - Book page 112
 George Harrison's top flat.

Apple HQ - 27 Ovington Square - Book page 112

Apple HQ - 27 Ovington Square - Book page 112

Blue Post Alley - Book Front Page
Its been a long day and not exactly a success as far as the passports are concerned but I deserve a drink. Actually I definitely do not deserve a drink given my ridiculous holiday-threatening antics....but I had one anyway at the Blue Posts.

Blue Posts Pub - inside

And look at that picture on the wall of the Blue Posts all leads back to the same thing.

Kite Window

Through this very window frame (inspected, it looks very old) John Lennon peered to observe the Mr Kite poster. Its true, true true ! At least I think its true. Sevenoaks high street - see various previous blog entries on this subject - that's if you have no life, of course.