Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The second greatest band ever

It was a surprise and a joy to discover a Velvet Underground retrospective at the impressive Philharmonia in Paris on last weekend's 'mini-break' (God, did I just say mini-break? ). Whist some members of the clan did not exactly thrill to the sound of Venus in Furs played with dial set to 11 (the explicit (understatement) gay porno projection did nothing to endear them to the 'happenning'  - must stop using '-' and even ''''''''''' .....hell ! losing my place here...brackets  ........where are we ? Open or close ?)))))) That should do it.

Anyway, whilst my street cred at school was pretty damn zero due to the fact I could induce a yawn at 100 yards whenever the topic of The Fabs was raised (by me I would have to confess, often....well, at least between lessons), I redeemed myself to some extent in the eyes of my peers back then by discovering the chords to Waiting for My Man.

Despite being a bit of a VU nerd over years, I was shocked to discover that, despite the absense of Reed, Cale, Morrison and even Mo Tucker, poor old Doug Yule soldiered on until 1973 ! What's more, who would have guessed that their final concert was given at....wait for it....Northampton Cricket Club ???!!!. Can this really be true ? But it's on the must ermm...

Now, somewhere in my wine fuddled bonce I can see Brian Epstein at the side of a swimming pool holding the Banana Album with John Lennon looking on. Am I finally losing it ?

Back in tge gallery....

Kids ! It's art ! Get over it ! No, heroine is definitely bad. Bad, bad, bad but this is art. Just shut up and buy me everything in this gift shop. No kids, they are not better than the Beatles. No ! The Beatles are still the best. Stop it ! Yes, yes, yes I do still love The Beatles more the anything....I am aloud to like another group. Stop spoiling it for me....bloody mini-break. A break from what ??