Sunday, June 10, 2012

There are places I don't remember..

Having failed to convince the kids to sell their Summer Time Ball tickets for £900 a piece, I left them at Wembley Stadium - broken leg and wheelchair and all (they have to learn to survive) - and caught the first Jubilee Line back to St John's Wood. Very busy around the Abbey Road crossing

A skip at the studio - quickly emptied contents, assessed each piece, nothing to report.
Then on to Cavendish Road.    Apparently Billy Fury lived at No. 1 - no many people know that. 

Then it was all downhill. Most of the Beatle sites I chose to visit were covered up. First, the Apple Shop in Baker Street
Then the original Apple offices in Wimpole Street - the building does not seem to exist at all any more.
The Richard Frazer Gallery in Duke Street

Then how about this ? What is going on at No. 3 ?

Even the Devonshire Arms close to the old EMI building was closed - dang !

The walk from the back of the EMI offices to the taxi...

A bit of retail therapy at the Beatles' Shop in Baker Street - liked the look of the Yellow Submarine pinball machine but could not quite stretch to the £5000 asking price.

So not a great day and I had to fight way down Wembley Way with wheelchair and kids screaming stupid Justin Bieberlake and Jazzy J tunes in my ear at midnight - all too much.

So here's a quiz - what is the Beatle significance of these two pics ? Answers on a postcard to the I Hate Justin Bieberlake Fan club address