Saturday, January 1, 2011

London Sales and Beatle Postcodes

Remarkably, another London trip. O Joyful Day ! This time the excuse is two of the daughters (plus friend) with Christmas vouchers that just can't wait - little do they know their fave shops share the same postcodes as Beatle spots documented (so interestingly) in my second best Christamas present ever - 'The Beatles London'. Abercronbie and Fitch ? Yes, no problem girls ! Where is that exactly ? Saville Row ? Sure, no problem. (Sinister hee-hee-hee laughter). What's that girls ? You would like to dine at Wong Kei's ? No problem. I think that's near to a pub called the Blue Posts. Your wish is my command.

And so to Saville Row once more - how embarressed they all were as they posed in front of the A&F queue they had been stood in for an age

Above you, girls. See that roof ? That's where....oh never mind.

As pictured on the front of my new favourite posession the Bea... enough already...

Magic in West Malling

Unplanned and unexpected, on the first morning of the new year I found myself, once again, in the environs of Kent's zombie town - the hapless, soul-less Kingshill Estate (bit harsh, maybe) looking for 'Beatle Spots' of the Magical Mystery Tour home movie. Previous visits involved driving my disinterested family around in circles to the point of nausea in ultimately fruitless attempts to find the fabled Durello Avenue - the site of the 'I am the Walrus' episode of the Beatles' MMT. Since then I have received directions from KenwoodLennon and cousin American Jim but alas, due to the randomness of the morning, I was without them. However, with new Christmas presents to hand - decent camera and the fabulous Beatles' London book -I embarked on a photo rampage of the 'generel area'. Not generally given to disobeying ''Das Betreten !' signs, I was overcome with the potential of the moment and bravely marched across forbidden fields and snapped away like a good-un. Now, I have come to the conclusion that Durello Avenue is a 'virtual' road, a figment of the greedy imagination of the Greater Maidstone property developers prior to the recession. Nevertheless, I became aware of patches of earth resembling the blast wall areas and very small concrete outcrops. Let joy be unconstrained ! Some time is now needed to match the general landscapes captured below with the 1967 backdrops. I can't wait. Hold on, what's this ? Beatle London, he say 32 blast walls...ummm

A panoramic view - nice camera !

New roads a-comming ! Yeah, right.

To many a simple field - and they would be right

Onlooking locals cast me unsympathetic looks suspecting a care-in-the-community type had ventured into their don't-care-community. Hey Buddy ! I'm not the one worshipping at the alter of Asda. At least we allow Learner Drivers to drive down our roads in the Borrowgroves !

Will I really being comparing profile of bushes later ? Probably.

And telegraph poles ? Yes. yes - I am a Beatle freak and I need help.

Nice camera - I may have mentioned the new camera.

From the airplane fields, I moved to the heart of the place. The desparately, desparately miserable Asda store and the accompanying mock 1990's Surrender all Hope Public Inn behind which stands perhaps the last airfield building. Was this the site of the Victor Spinetti / Paul McCartney clip ? I think I recognise it but maybe mistaken as my mind is adled with Beatle Kent images.
A panoramic of the building behind Asda.

Watch this space for updates on the location matching.

With another half an hour left before ascending once more into the 'family orbit' and ignoring the on-the-minute texts reminding me of this very fact, I boldly headed towards West Malling high steet with another address in mind - 90 Hight Street (thanks again to Beatles' London). So, here is the newsagents where Ringo purchased his MMT tickets from a masively mustashioed Dr O'Boogie. I wonder if the owners of this fast food establishment know of their role in the Beatles story or whether they just muse on the strangeness of people as they step back into the high street and nearly get run over trying to get that all important panoramic shot of their shop front. What do you mean, 'Who the hell does that ?'. Surely I am not the only one....No, honestly, am I ?

Always look behind you when stepping back to get that extended shot.

Hi kids - times-up ? Yes, don't panic I have your camera. Yes, I am looking after it.

Happy New Year from Lost-in-the-Community.