Monday, November 9, 2015

Your man in Tunbridge Wells

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Donovan. Yes, it's true there was a certain amount of self indulgence through the later part of the 60's and there aren't many memorable tunes post '69 - okay '68, but some of that early folk stuff was really enjoyable and, on hearing his 'Yellow is the colour of my true love's eyes' I was quite moved this evening. He really came up with some great tunes...Sunshine Superman, Season of the Witch, Mellow Yellow  (at a push) but what about Sunny Goodge Street ? Macca's favourite I think. But, whilst his acoustic set this evening at TW was really enjoyable, I guess, if I'm honest, what I really turned up for was his anecdotes. He was there, wasn't he. He was at the heart of it. For goodness sake, he was there in India. Sky of blue, Sea of green.So he sat there for 90 minutes on his cushion with his guitar  (called Kelly...) in his arms and played all those tunes I loved even though I got ribbed no end in the late 70's for being the only hippie amongst a 5th form of smelly punks. He must be 70 - if I  sit cross legged for 90 minutes I need medical attention before attempting to get up ! Although his voice is now a bit 'vibrato' his guitar playing remains impressive and I remember his influence on the great White Album. A good evening and another birthday present I didn't deserve.