Saturday, January 1, 2011

London Sales and Beatle Postcodes

Remarkably, another London trip. O Joyful Day ! This time the excuse is two of the daughters (plus friend) with Christmas vouchers that just can't wait - little do they know their fave shops share the same postcodes as Beatle spots documented (so interestingly) in my second best Christamas present ever - 'The Beatles London'. Abercronbie and Fitch ? Yes, no problem girls ! Where is that exactly ? Saville Row ? Sure, no problem. (Sinister hee-hee-hee laughter). What's that girls ? You would like to dine at Wong Kei's ? No problem. I think that's near to a pub called the Blue Posts. Your wish is my command.

And so to Saville Row once more - how embarressed they all were as they posed in front of the A&F queue they had been stood in for an age

Above you, girls. See that roof ? That's where....oh never mind.

As pictured on the front of my new favourite posession the Bea... enough already...

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