Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mad Wet Day Out

O the dedication and the madness ! For reasons too boring to explain, I found myself with much time on my hands in central London today. Alas, the suddeness of the opportunity caught me on the hop and ill-prepared - good camera sitting back on the Brilig mantelpiece. Ho hum - let's fire up the low res phone and bag us some Beatle Pics.

According to my second favourite book of all time, this restaurant on the King's Road was a popular eating place of the Fabs and their kind in the sixties. Now a Pizza Express

One more for luck

And another in same neighbourhood, a nightclub called Del Arousa back in the day.

One more for luck

The studio in Flood Street just off King's Road where Peter Blake worked his magic (for a paltry £200 apparently) to create the Sgt. Pepper cover.

And again

The 'other' Beatle boutique that dared not speak its name. 161 King's Road where, as it happens, a photo show is currently running with limited edition prints of some of the famous Beatle pics....

There you go, the light at the end of the Abbey Road...


And look ! Here is the one of O'Boogie as posted by Mr Kenwood-Lennon recently...

Apparently, No. 3 Cromwell Road was quite a happening place. Major renovations currently underway.

Where once they quaffed, I quaffed too (or three if I'm honest). The Devonshire Arms just off Manchester Square, a stone's throw from the EMI House.

And on to Motague Square, the home of the true rock star. O the nakedness of it all. Which flat was it ?

Now when was the last time images of both the Beatle Boutiques were captured on a phone camera on the same day ? And what sort of freak would ask such a question ?

Now this is just silly. Anyone who can tell me why I walked a mile in the rain to take a shot of this wall will win a big badge that says "I Need Help!"

Back in the mists of my traditional upbringing, I coverted this plate which was owned by an aunt of mine. She promised to give it to me before I left for college but forgot. She broke it in 1985. Ho hum.

It had to be done.

Give me some retail therapy - but at that price ?!

So, a splendid time was had but Mein Gott, Willy - didn't it rain.


  1. Great blog - love the pics!! The pic of the wall isn't the scene of a picture taken of John & Paul looking groovy and walking Martha in 1967 is it?? What has it come to when you think that you recognise specific walls that the Beatles might once have walked past? On second thoughts, don't answer that...

  2. Well done, Plasticine Porter ! You win the badge ! Page 89 of Beatles London must have given it away.

    Regrads from Sadsville.

  3. Does Beatles drink in Devonshire Arms?