Sunday, June 26, 2011


Having bunked off work early on the excuse that I needed peace to complete my big presentation on the perils of vertical intergration and the merits of chucking it all over to some God-forsaken-shit-hole in the back end of nowhere, I ensconced myself in the wonderful calm of the reference library of Sevenoaks. Ah ! Calm. I pondered the subject.. I thought long an hard.. I considered the scope...I deliberated over moral issues ...God ! It just ain't happening. I retired to the cafe...I drowned myself in teas and knocked back several scones. Returning to library, I hesitatingly lifted the lid on notebook and faced the full horrors of the virgin canvas. Nothing coming...

Hold on ! What is this ! A whole wall of micro-fiche thingermebobs things ? Sweet Nelly Furtado - When did that arrive ? 'Hello there - do you have copies of the local papers from early '67 ? Why ? I think the Beatles visited Sevenoaks in...urm.. and I am interested in the sixties ...err... that is to say I am a bit of a Beatle nut...and.." There were some giggles from schoolgirls who appeared to be studying the Windmills of Kent. Bloody cheek - who are they to judge me ? Windmills indeed. Recogised one of them as a friend of my daughter. Oh crap.

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