Saturday, November 26, 2011

Its gotta back beat you can use it

Having reached a 'certain' age last week, I was showered with generous gifts and of all things pepperland from friends and family - and even my place of work where a quarter of a century of (cough, cough, nervous embarrassment) dedication to the cause was recognised not through the cerimonial presentation of gold watch from a thankfull MD but an email that said 'Wow 25 years ! Here's 500 squids for a night out'.

And so a splendid time in jolly old Londinium where much good living was had for 36 hours the highlight being a meal near the Blueposts following a good seat at the truely excellent BackBeat show. Unexpectedly moving throughout, a strong upper lip was required - it was hayfever, I swear. The pollen count being exceptionally high for this time of year. Must read up a bit more on Stuart Sutcliffe.


  1. Great blog, can't believe I've only just found it!

  2. Thank you - I'm glad you found it !