Monday, March 26, 2012


Just now the tulips are in bloom all around our little room and the weekend charabancs have started to wind there way around the local country lanes in search of a field in which they can lay out there flotsum and jetsum. Spring is here and the peculiar practice know as Bootfair prevails once more. "Do you Bootfair, Sir ?" "Not in the biblical sense, more of a passive induldger rather than full-on purveyer of crappy, household tosh."

Now I have recently 'shared' that Tracey Beaker (love that girl) can make me weep for no obvious reason other than being a complete wuss. But there is more (no, no stop sharing). Further moments involving unsurpressable tears have surfaced in the past few weeks much to the bemusement (and concern I would have to say) of the kids .. and me. Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell", Cecil Day-Lewis's "Walking Away" (don't get me thinking about that playing field again !), and, of course, the kids at the bootfairs offering me their entire collections of pokeman cards (for poke' read also, legions of three inch plastic Jedhi Knights, TY cuddly toys, Fur Real puppies etc etc etc). I honestly want to hand over the contents of my wallet on a promise that they pack thier stuff back away into their neat boxes and put them back under their beds. Kids ! Listen up ! That stuff you're flogging for 50p will cost you 100 times that much in 30 years will not be your stuff ! It will be a pale imitation of that scratched Hot Wheel car that meant so much to you 5 minutes ago.

Now I am completely colour blind but Custom Baracuda (see above) purchased in 1969 was (is) a very peculiar shade of blue (I think). When I see that unusual hue, or hear the Dunanananana Batman theme tune or hear that distant, jangly complicated opening chords to Sexy Sadie (there, got it in) I am errr.....'moved'

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