Monday, August 27, 2012

Mad's Day Out

‘There’s trouble at mill !’ The North beckoned last week. Herr Brilig was instructed to head an uncomfortably long round the Un-Magic Roundabout and up the Devil’s Own Highway to take notes and report back. Now, having spent a ridiculous portion of my adult life stuck on the sodding M25 and M1 behind jack-knifed mega-trucks, or dumb sheep or…(I’m sure there are other things) I decided to do myself a favour and ‘let the train take the strain’. Yes, it so long since I last did so that that was the advert. Anyhow, having observed whatever I was supposed to have observed I headed back on a ‘125’ which chugged along at something more like ‘25’ but finally pulled in to dear old St Pancras on Friday afternoon. St Pancras, erm….what happened there ? Something Beatle-y ? No damn Wi-fi on train at least for the plebs in the cheap seats and, of course, never remember the Beatles’ London book. Ah-ha ! Yes – it’s coming back to me ! The Mad Day Out leg in a park…with a church…and sitting on a bench smiling stupidly ! 
A bit of srtoll from the exit of the station but really worth the effort. A very tranquil spot a once there, suddenly very familiar objects – the church entrance, the water fountain and the bench.

I thought this may have been the spot where the local crowds mingled with the Fabs but a quick check on Kenwood Lennon indicates that it actually 180 degrees wrong - never mind.
 And here is the bench ......wait a doggone minute !!! What does it say there ....
Well I never ! I feel less of a freak when I see things like this. Someone out there is even more of a nut than I am - and God bless them.

Ah yes - and here is the front cover of the first Beatle book I bought as a young-un, probably about 12 years old. Little did I suspect that this interest was to turn into an obsession in middle years and that at three score years and minus ten - I would be sniffing around an obscure spot in central London (on my own) taking photos and wanting to tell the innocent idlers that 'THIS IS WHERE THE BEATLES SAT IN 1968. DID YOU KNOW THAT ? DID YOU KNOW THAT'. (I do need help and I know it)

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