Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pubs they drove past.....possibly

Have you guessed what it is yet ? No ? Good for you as this is just sad, as my kids constantly tell me. There is a land with no redeeming features which sits awkwardly between the horrors of the M4 and the abject misery of the M3. A Bermuda Triangle in which I get lost - week in and week out. And so it was that today I traveled from the modern-life-is-rubbish-hovel of an air conditioned Crawley office to the modern-life-is-even-rubbish-er windowless Reading office with smart-board (what the hell !). But...but...but on the way back home I made a detour through the back-end of nowhere and ended up driving down the quaint one hundred metre stretch of the A30 (just past Old Basing - yeah right) called ... wait for it...wait for it .....Hatch.

Where the hell is this going ? Well, as every good Fab Follower with a gold medal in anal retentiveness knows, Hatch is the last destination identified in the video accompanying pen-pen ultimate Beatles single; The Ballad of John and Yoko.

Hatch is over before its starts. But where is ends (heading west towards Ascot pile) there is a pub called..wait for it..wait for it ....The Hatch. And I guess they (Joko etc) must have passed it. Dear lord, help me.

Here it is 

Is this the original ? Look at that rust ! It might be 40 years old. I could pull it straight off ! It could be mine !! Drop it for God's sake.

Don't believe me ? Here it is in all its Hampshire (was I really in Hampshire) glory.

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