Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Palma Police Station
Passports all in order, the Brilig clan ventured forth on a rare excursion out of Blighty. A very pleasant two weeks in the Mallorcan sun with plenty of San Miguel to avoid dehydration as we sat on the beach at midday (of course) and moaned about the battalions of  bloody, noisy Germans encroaching our little piece of sand.

As the family dozed listening to bloody Tiny Temper or some other such rap crap on their Walkmans (surely not Walkmans ? Phones perhaps) and the irritating buzz of that Tiny chap drifted across the dunes, my mind wandered, as it always does, to thoughts of the Fabs. Was there any Beatle connection with this isle ? Something told me 'yes'. Of course, Cynthia has set up home here, but there was another connection I was sure. Yes, yes - JL came here with Yoko to 'acquire' her daughter Kyoko in 1971.......quick check on the wifi back at the villa told me all I needed to know.

There are pictures of Joko in and around the airport and the Police Station in Palma but I could not find anything of them at Manacor where they 'picked-up' Kyoko from a nursery.

I started hatching plans for an excuse for a family excursion to Manacor ('There's a great market there, kids with really cheap fake designer clothes') but the plan was scuppered when eldest Brilig (always the most suspicious) spotted Lennon pics on the page I had left open on family laptop. I tried to explain what parsimony with the truth meant and how it differs from actual lying but it was yet another family tumbleweed moment. I though about getting up early before the clan and driving there myself but then wondered whether it prudent for a middle-aged man (when will I accept 'late' middle aged) with camera to search out nurseries with the excuse being an obscure event from 40 years ago.....

And so, the moment and the opportunity evaporated. Pass me another San Miguel, its amazing how thirst you get at 40 degrees.

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