Monday, October 21, 2013

In case you didn't know...

How would you not know ? Not knowing really who 'you'  might be...but if 'you' are here then 'you' almost certainly know that the Beatles tome is retailing at 30 squids at Waterstones but, wait for it, wait for it - it is an astonishingly cheap 18 squidos at W H Smith but ... wait for it, wait for can get 2 for  mere 22 squideroonies (getting bored of this). But would you really want two copies ? Yes...but hold on.... family shouting in ear that not supposed to buy two of the same book ?! What do you mean, family ? Cannot compute ? Of course I need two copies; one for the dust-free-air-conditioned-Beatles-bookcase-in-kids-free-study and one for the coffee table !!! Are you sure you are my kids ?


  1. You make perfect sense my friend! Of course you need an extra copy. I have a mad dream of having a big, big house with a room for EACH ALBUM and related stuff and another room for books and singles etc. And people look at me as if I'm the odd one!

    1. and I thought it was just me ! love the room per album idea.