Sunday, February 13, 2011

Minor Health & Safety Incident at Kentish Beatle Site

A rainy, rainy day in West Kent. Ho-hum, let's cheer ourselves up (or myself up, not sure about the rest of the family unit) with a trip (again) around the local places of Beatle interest. I was much encouraged this morning by discovering that, back in 2007, a local historian had conducted a Magical Mystery Tour of Sevenoaks taking in places of great interest (to those of a certain inclination). Ok, 4 years late but at least I had discovered that somemone out there had a notion of the whereabouts of the mysterious 'Antique Shop' - historic site of the Mr. Kite poster purchase, and also the restaurant where the Fabs may have eaten during their time in the town filming the SFF and Penny Lane videos.

I must say that the youngest of the clan is by far the most supportive of the idiot father - all others quickly finding excuses for not joining in with Beatle Fun. I just don't understand them. As I reflect on the past several years, I can see the stages during which I have been viewed as - Funny Dad (age 4-8) Quirky Dad (age 9ish-10), He-Can't-Help It Dad (11ish-11.5ish) and then into the less happy state of Irritating Dad (age 11.5ish-12) and then the untold misery of 'Down-Right-Annoying Dad and no, I won't bring my boyfriend along coz it ain't fun.'

So, with camera in hand along with notes made from the historian's site and, of course, with the Beatles London book (second best gift ever received) we set off from the Borrowgroves heading towards the famous Tree one more time.

After many false starts over the past couple of years and much tree action around the Birdhouse, could this be the stump of that SFF tree ? Oh no ! Two tree stumps within 50 yards of each other and both quite consistent with the rough sketch in Beatles Book. Can someone please help ?! See the panoramic views - surely we can compare and contrast with the video - a busy night ahead.

Let's call this Stump 1..

..and introducing Stump 2

Stump 1 ?

....Stump 1 with child

Stump 2 with child

Stump 2 gets her vote

A panorama around Stump 2 - or is it Stump 1 - Oh Hells Bells I can't remember which is which !

Another panoramic view around the other Stump...enough of Stumps already..I'm getting bored of this.

And in pulling a very small piece of the dead bark from the stump of the tree - 1 or 2 - who the hell cares now (for goodnesssake it is just a stump - hardly environmentally unfriendly), I cut my knuckle. My daughter had not been keen from the start and when hopping around the tree in pain I knew she was trying to recall her Wow-Word-of-the-Month; "It starts with K" I winced trying not to say a few wow words myself. "Karma !" she said proudly, "Serves you right for damaging a tree." Karma in an instant. It look like it may leave a small scar...uhmmm.

The Birdhouse yet again. Selling eggs, I thought about going in and asking a few questions "Isn't this where The Beatles stopped for refreshments ?" Maybe another day

The arch, again.

And we found the pond ! The Beatles Feast etc.

And so back to the High Street. Here at number 48 is the site of the restaurant where the Fabs are reported to have eaten. It is now a solicitors.

And could this really be where JL bought the Mr Kite poster ? Could it be true ? It is number 44a The High Street. My sources say 'yes' but confirmation needed.

And this is the pub included in the 2007 tour - was it that they drank there or was it just the starting point for the tour ? Bit embarrasing if simply the latter.

Enough already of Beamish thoughts - thanks to the small one who still regards me as Quirky Dad.


  1. How I can see it's very difficult find the "SFF tree". But, you can do it!!! you'll be the first person who find this place (treasure for people who love Beatle).
    Cheers from Bordeaux.

  2. Great shots!! Im glad to see the area pretty much the same as it was in 1967.