Friday, March 25, 2011

At home he feels like a tourist...

Who said that ? Tourists come to mind but that's just damn stupid. Was it Magazine ? Oh who the hell cares ?! I felt like one this afternoon as I snapped away once more in happy delerium as I stumbled blindly as I made my way across the great pages of the Beatles London book.

It seems to me that everyone has a Beatles story 'cept me.. since sharing my obsession with trusted work colleagues a few weeks back, I have been regaled with many very interesting (gotta calibrate that one) stories including one of a neighbour who worked as a Nanny at Kenwood, one who worked as a young engineer in the sixties at Abbey Road (blimey !) and another who knows someone who was in the Swinging Blue Jeans and there was a Beatle connection but...I ...can't ...remember quite what that one was. And then today I spent a very pleasent afternoon with my oldest mate (longest serving might be a better description) who was too polite to remind me that back in the land of 1978, he once spent some time with Macca at his Sussex Farm. I recall being jealous beyond green when I saw the photos and wondered briefly whether I would have to end the frienship - Bloody Hell stop thinking about that....and then, just 4 hours ago in the Devonshire Arms Public House just off Manchester Square, the barmaid, asked me what I was reading and, when I showed her the Beatles London Book and the entry therin of the very establishment in which we stood, she casually remrked that she has another job in a nearby hair salon where she frequently 'does the hair' of the niece of Brian Epstein. Well how-do-you-do !

Hold on, where the bloody hell is this blog entry going ?

And so, Dear Reader (I would not be so presumptious as to assume the plural), can you identify the relevance of the folloing pics. A point for each correct comment... and what do points make ? A sure sign that you spend far too much time thinking about events 40 years old ! Why is that ? No, I mean it ! If you can explain that one then there really is a prize.

He fills his mind with culture.
He gives himself an ulcer.

(Gang of Four - so you don't have to)


  1. Ok, here goes:
    The first pic must be Montagu Square - no need to explain the relevance. The second pic is trickier... could it be the location of the old Heroes of Alma pub (which of course was the Fabs favourite watering hole when recording at Abbey Rd)?
    Third pic I guess is 94 Baker st which was the location of the ill fated Apple shop.
    And lastly the film Norwegian Wood in which the song of the same name plays a part in the storyline.

    And why do I spend far too much time thinking about events that took place over 40 years ago?
    Perhaps because it was "The Greatest Show On Earth".

  2. Well done Lonedrone. The first pic was obvious, the second is the court yard behind the offices of the old EMI headquarters near Manchester Sq. It can be found on the pages of the Beatles London book - great book by the way and helps feed the obsession. You were right about the last two pics, they are two angles on the old Baker Street property. Intriguing that the cinema should be showing Norwegian Wood. And you're about the Greatest Show on Earth. So many points scored - thanks for the comment