Sunday, March 6, 2011

Those were the days..

Yesterday is another country - or is that tomorrow. Never sure about that. Anywho, it was not so long ago that the rest of the Brilig clan were willing participants in my ridiculous obsession - interpretations of the Fab classics. Then we went into a phase of bribery involving ever increasing amounts of sugared confectionary then it rapidly descended into copious amounts of cash, cash, cash. Those days are gone and any suggestion of video fun is met with stoney, verging on aggressive, resistance.

Long, long ago back in my sleepy hollow home town, a small, smokey bar in the basement of of a decrepid Victorian hotel and within a stone's throw of the beach, was, briefly for one summer only, the place to be. It may have had similiar moments of fame with the the 'youff' of the sixties, fifities forties etc but who knows ? It was here that the seventeen year olds of that summer gathered each Friday night to drink and get drunk with the sparse notes of the Pete Stacey Jazz band whafting through the cellar. Now the average age of this trio must have been 90 but we did not care. It was music and there wasn't much of it about. Rumour had it that one of the three had been involved in a Beatles recording - I can't recall if it was A Day in The Life or Penny Lane. In hindsight, I suspect the latter as I think the guy was the trombonist ? Why did we not just ask him ? Now I have to add this to the list of things to sort out - I've gotta know !! Oh damm it. Sleep now.

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