Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Newquay, Wimbledon and other interesting places...

And so the holiday season unfolds in the Brilig House. In these stricken times, a foreign sojorn was out of the question and so the UK was to be further explored (again). Suits me, I like to be home for tea, anyway. Kids fancied the West Country and off we went. Steered the decision to Widemouth Bay - I thought that was where the MMT coach got stuck on a bridge and JL, in fit of pique, pulled the sign of the bud. No ! No ! Dummy ! Piss Poor Planning Precipitates Poor Performance ! Turns out that was Widecomb not Widemouth - what a dunce. Nevermind, quick trip to Newquay coz that's where the Fabs are pictured sitting on the headland. No ! No ! Thrice No ! That was Plymouth Hoe. Oh well, see attached photo of Atlantic Hotel where they headquartered (hate to verbalise) for three days on their MMT tour. I asked the receptionist if there was any lingering memorabilia from the Summer of Love. Apparently not but she was very helpful if not particularly knowledgeable of Beatle things - eyes seemed to glaze over as I mentioned the bridge and the Hoe and .... worth noteing that a double room for two with breakfast is a very reasonable £110 late summer. Anyone aware of which rooms etc..

And then back to the Brilig home for the second week of the hols and day trips to interesting places abound ! Today, I took the family on a Fab trip to where I used to live in South Wimbledon. Now, back in 90's my neighbour was a little old lady who used to go on about the good ol' days when the furniture store on the corner of our street used to be a dancehall. Never really used to listen much to her rattle on about things but recently discovered that the ballrrom 'at the end of our street' was the Wimbledon Ballroom mentioned in the Beatles' London where the Boys playewd in a cage. What ? Really ? Yep ! The pics below were taken today - the ugly great furniture store now an ugly great row of ugly, ugly houses.

Then heading north to Wimbledon Common. "Look ! They have a Jack Wills and a Cath Kidstone, Daddy !" Yeah, yeah - wait 'till you see the Windmill ! That did not go down well - especially when they spied the Beatle London book in the glove box and guessed what was about to happen. Straight through the village with no stoppin' ! Ok - so two of the clan refused to be bribed with ice creams and stayed in the car but the youngest - loyal as ever - joined in the Beatle fun and had to pose as JL, Dudley Moore and Norm. Not convinced I got the right spot but I think the common has changes a little.

Danoota with Ice Cream
Danoota with Ice Cream (again)
Danoota - one more time
Deaf Ted
And Me !

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