Monday, August 22, 2011


Reader look at this ! This is where Brian Epstein lived '64 to '67. We all know that. This is where he threw the Sgt Pepper party, this is where he got upset coz Macca did not turn up at his party. We know ! We know !It is from here that he set off the night before he died. All very well documented by Mr KenwoodLennon. In true to form style, Brilig drove in circles around this tiny hamlet before pulling up in the middle of nowhere in total desperation (the hours were passing having wasted an hour in The Wrong Place ie Wivelsfield - well its starts with a W and it is in Sussex). Happily, a local who appeared out of nowhere told me 'Its behind you !' and it was - literally. She also then confirmed the stories of the old pile being owned by Americans and that 'there be walls in that there place wot are psychedelic !' She was really very helpful and did not really speak like that and I am very grateful to her.

Here it is from all directions - my obsession knows no bounds.

Looks like there used to be a set of step here - you can see there used to be a gap in the wall..

Here is a 'Beatle Apple' that fell into my hands as I leanred over the fence. Pathetic, pathetic !! But in terms of a good two hours snatched, it was one of the best snatched two hours. Pity I did'nt stop at
No. 41: The Merrie Harriers, Cowbeech, East Sussex on the way back to Chez Brilig. Maybe the next snatched two hours.