Monday, January 2, 2012

Agghhhhhhhh...Durello Avenue !!!!!

The New Year holiday period would not be the same in the Brilig Household if the annual pilgrimage to Beatles-Places-of-Interest-Within-Shouting were not made. I say 'annual pilgrimage' as if the rest of the clan have an idea of what is going on - I generally find that its better if they don't know our destination as this only causes irritation and things to be thrown around the car (and sometimes out of it, including themselves) and so best to visit some 'other' place and make a detour when they have all nodded-off.

And so off to West Malling with renewed determination and confidence that the hitherto ellusive (to me, at least) alley know as Durello Avenue would be discovered. This being the spot where our eponymous boy band filmed the 'I am the Walrus' sketch (?) for their MMT. Now, I have recalled in an entry exactly one year ago that this spot had caused me much angst (stop thinking about it) but an excellent piece of research by Mr KenwoodLennon some months back renewed my faith in the existence of the place.

So snap away my laddies ! snap away ! And so I did with zzzzz coming from the car, I made my escape in the rain and snapped like a good 'un. Oh the misery of this place...roads leading nowhere, half finished building sites, tut-tuts from the busy bodies..But one very important piece of popular culture cheers up this hapless estate.

But wait.. the clan are stirring..they're looking bemused..oh hell, I can see the teenager (least sympathetic of the Brilig clan) pointing out the roadsign to the rest of them. Then an ear piercing scream from the youngest ..."Aghhhh not Durello Avenue AGAIN... Daddy's brought us to this place again"

A quick stop at Knole Park (SFF tree) was out of the question. I asked the question but it was definitely out of the question.

Happy New Year to all

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