Sunday, January 22, 2012

Knole Park - It was 45 years ago today

Those unfortunate enough to have stumbled across this blog will have quickly concluded that the cannon of Beatles facts and trivia is neither enhanced nor extended in any way by the desultry meanderings contained herein. Indeed a quick scan of these paltry entries reveals Brilig to be a mere follower of others - skipping from one page of the Beatles' London book to another ticking off sites in a haphazard way dwelling only long enough to put the sticker in...whether it be PG Tip cards tracking the History of Aviation or '74 World Cup pictures of Gordon Banks flying through the air, the only real joy was feeling the width of the album as it became engorged with those bloody stickers.

Nevertheless, one tries and so it was that yesterday the jalopy was parked up in the grounds of Knole Park at the ungodly hour of eleven (it was Saturday - give me a break) in order that Brilig should be the first to get a snap of The Tree (Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane etc) on the 45th anniversary of the filiming of the vidoes (?) that accompanied the release of the greatest single of all time (damm you Englebert Humperdick).

So here is That Tree, the nearby ponds, the archway etc etc etc..

This is the walk from The Tree, past the Bird House down towards the ponds. Golfers and walkers alike visibly dismayed (actually, more a look of sheer disdain) by the site of a besuited middle aged man clearly off his bloody trolley.

And here is the walk from the ponds up to the archway.

Postnote : I have just discovered that the actual 45th anniversary is 30/31 Jan. Maybe this explains why there were not hordes of other nuts in the grounds...but I doubt it.

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