Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Help ! It's the Antrobus Hotel

Enough of this introspection already...back to the eponymous boy band.

Long story but stopped at Antrobus Hotet in Amesbury near Stonehenge yesterday as this was the place the Fabs rested for a few days and nights during the filming of the Salisbury Plane scenes in Help ! The receptionist was very helpful in leading me to the bar 'open to non-residents' and when asked in my most cringe-worthy fake innocent tones 'I read somewhere that the Beatles stayed somewhere around here back in the day..." she enthusiastically told me about the 'Beatles Suite' dedicated to the FF available at a very reasonable £110 per night for two including breakfast. All good stuff but the real joy was when she pointed out the well thumbed copy of 'Now Those Days Have Gone' book in the lobby. What the heck is this ? How come a fanatic like me has not heard of Michael Peto and his excellent (truly excellent) record of the Beatles in 1965 ?? It includes many photos of the very hotel I was standing in - I was looking at JL sipping his afternoon tea then looking up from the book to see the very same spot in front of me. Incredible. I though about slipping book into briefcase but resisted and retired to the bar for a small pint of Upham Ale.

This was great end to an otherwise forgettable day. I wished I could have taken a few more shots but did not want to appear a complete freeeeko. Maybe return in a few weeks.

The book is out there somewhere on the Information Super Highway - but very much limited edition - cost about £450.

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