Sunday, March 16, 2014


Given my near obsessions (ok - full on scary obsession) with all things sixties, I can't believe I have not seen Performance. I do recall seeing snippets of the underground, avant garde film aired as part of a series of cult classics in the late seventies but that's about all.

So yet one more tumbleweed moment occurred yesterday afternoon as the kids arrived home unexpectedly early (unfair I think - but best not to press that one). Unfortunately, they walked into the TV room just as Anita Pallenberg strutted her not inconsiderable stuff in a no-clothes type situation. My attempts at explaining the nakedness on the avant garde and, anyway, the sixties was all about letting-it-all-hang-out...well it just did not impress. The eldest of the Briligs, always the least sympathetic, asked sarcastically whether I had any other 'avant garde' films I watched alone..bloody cheek. For Christ's sake ! Can't I have a few hours to myself ? Can't I ? The DVD case revealed the price paid - which also raised eyebrows given my previous promises to the clan that my obsession would be curbed.

Whilst the film was released in 1970, it was actually filmed in 1968. I wonder what JL made of it ? Now I don't think my loyalty to all things Lennon can be questioned but..but...whilst he was messing around with Grapefruit books and sitting in white bags old Jagger was making an incredible cult movie. No wonder Johnny Boy got frustrated with Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da and the 'granny music'.

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