Sunday, March 16, 2014

Yoko in Folkestone ?

What strange parallel universe have I just dropped into ? Weird as it seems, Yoko is to exhibit at the Folkestone Triennial arts jamboree this summer. But the bit that really surprised me was that this is not her first time in the land of my youth...apparently she was there back in...wait for it ...wait for it....1966 !

This obviously needs a little more investigation. Was this exhibition BI or AI (before or after Indica Gallery of course). If AI is there the remotest chance ....No !!! Of course not ! But on a very personal level (what else is there) I find it intriguing that, as my old Nan strolled along the Folkestone Leas - walking past the Metropole Arts Centre - with her four year old grandson in tow, Yoko was just inside the door pinning notes on the ceiling advising bewildered old Folkstonians to 'breath'.

Folkestone is a funny place - more funny peculiar rather than funny ha-ha. Its former delusions of grandeur long ago swept far away. It has had many attempts at regeneration without a great deal of success.

I hope it goes well for Yoko and dear ol' Folkestone. Maybe I'll try my luck and ask her about the BI AI situation should there be some kind of Q&A session. Or maybe not.

I starting to think about a book, "Beatles in Kent" ? We know there was the Knole Park SFF video, the West Malling MMT filming, the pictures of the Fabs cavorting around the Margate Hotel swimming pool, JOKO at Rochester cathedral....ok maybe not a book, more of a pamphlet....or perhaps just a flyer....

Breaking news....the kids say they have just discovered a picture of young Brilig outside the Metropole Arts Centre !  Very funny.