Monday, November 8, 2010

The Kenwood Drive

So here is a video showing the Kenwood gates and then a jerky ride from the St Georges Golf Course back to the controlled entrance of the very exclusive estate. Intertesting ? Only if your an uber-fan of JL (as author is) and even then its hard to fathom any rhyme -or-reason why such trivia should be important - which it ain't.

Confused of Tunbridge Wells


  1. Felt like I was in the car w/ you! Thanks so much for posting & wish the ride was longer!

  2. lol...we're so sad. I loved this and my wife just shook her head as she looked over my shoulder and left the room.
    Thanks, I'll be checking in often.

  3. Thanks oxowhitney for visiting. Heaven knows why such trivia is interesting to me but it is and there must be something in my past that would give me a clue as to why but....Kids and family really worry at times.

  4. Thanks MVG - filmed in glorious joggervision. Must do better next time