Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Splendid Day in Old London Town

Being for the benifit of the author on his Birthday Weekend (could I stretch it to the Birthday Month ? Unlikely) I was treated to (allowed ?) a day of Beatle indulgence in the great capital. With eldest daughter and friend-of-daughter in tow we headed (one excited and two apprehensives) slowly towards Abbey Road via Queen's Park as many tube line under maintenance - damm it. A weary trudge down Kilburn High Street and Lonsdale Road, stopping only briefly for a miserable Big M (fellow travellers still too young for pub) we finally made it to famous road but had a few false dawns as we stepped across imposter zebra crossings. We finally realised we had made it to the 'real thing' when confronted by hordes of excitable Italians with bare feet and holding cigarettes in right hand. From there to Saville Row via Camden to allow a little retail therapy for younger travellers (who at this point were threatening to revolt). A splendid day was had by all - well at least by one third of the entourage.


  1. Have they moved Abbey Road recentley? I always thought it was in NW8 and now suddely it seems to be NW6... STRANGE

  2. Hi Guus - to be honest, we were so pleased to have reached the road having walked so far, we took the first photo we could of the road which was when we were at the north end of the road. It was then one hell of a walk south to get to the crossing and so it could well be the road straddles two london districts - so exhausting it actually felt more like a time zone.