Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Famous Tree in Knole Park

Ok - so there are a lot of trees in Knole Park but which one did the Beatles covort around in celebration of (in humble opinion of author) one of their greatest songs, Strawberry Fields Forever ? Could it be this one ? My sources say yes (see thebeatleforum) but there are a lot of tress. The kids well and truely fed-up of walking around so they hope more than me that there is the end of the story.


  1. Hi Nino,

    Thanks for comment. Some say this is the tree - see comments on - others say the tree no longer exits - see The Beales London book. Either way, the area around the Birdhouse in Knole Park is where it all happened in eraly 1967. Good luck on your visit to England.


  2. Our information for Beatles' London - that the tree had gone - was from a 1989 site visit I made, which involved meeting a Knole groundsman then of 25 years' standing. According to him, the tree was already dead when they were filming.

    1. Hi Adam
      I'm honoured to have a comment from one of the authors of the greatest Beatles book ever ! Just about every blog entry starts with a reference to Beatles'London. The question of the Knole Park tree has been a bit of an obsession (not proud of that!). In fact, I was there yesterday annoying the golfers as I thought it was the 50th anniversary...but then realised I was a week early. Perhaps I'll go back next Monday with some flags - kids say 'no'
      Best Regards
      Dave K

    2. I was there on the 50th anniversary. :-)

      The tree in the photo is a different to the one in the film; the trunk being a different shape. There is a stump remaining in the ground in the area near a road that runs across the park (you see a car pass in the Beatles' film), that lines-up with various geographic features in the background. It is this, I believe, to be all that remains of the oak, reportedly blown down in the storm of 1987.

  3. Is that the stump you see in the first two seconds of this vid?

  4. There are no remains of the tree. It has been completely removed from existence. Sorry to disappoint anyone but any stumps are NOT the remains of the tree. Trust me. I now work at Knole and also I saw the Beatles filming back in 1967 (I am now 69). So I do know what I am talking about. The easiest way to walk to the location is to walk up the road/path past the brewhouse cafe following the knole wall. Get to near the top and walk about 100 yards away from the wall towards the golf course fairway. That is the original location, but as I say, there is nothing to indicate the old trees location left.