Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beatle Cakes (and Books)

Rain again sweeps the Borrowgroves and greyness abounds. So to cheer ourselves up (ok ! Just me of course !) a hunt around the musty, dusty, crusty (enough of this) bookshops and charity outlets (of which there are scores) in olde Worlde Wells of the Tunbridge persausion. A few good finds although not sure about parting with six squids for Lennon Remembers. Most of this can be found on the intraweb but I have an obsession and I need to feed so it was straight into the brown bag. Next up was the memoires as of 1979 of George Martin. A fairy substantial first edition hard back for a reasonable £3.49 - a bargain indeed.

Now I knew about the memories of Lennon as recounted to the Rolling Stones interviewer back in approx 1971 and some kind of surpressed memory from my formative years caused me apprehension as I turned its somewhat sepia'd pages. Please don't say it ! Damm - yep he said it. Words to the affect that he hated the whole damn thing - including Paul. Oh woeful day - and its still raining.

Quick, what did the admirable Mr Martin have to say about things whilst he was this side of 100 years old. Well, quite a lot actually but not so keen to hear about his successes with the likes of Bernard Cribbins and the joys of Right Said Fred. But its getting interesting...

So kids, let's make some cakes. I've got the mix, the icing and the templates. What do you mean you don't normally have templates. You gotta have templates if you're gonna get the images right. Kids ! Come back ! We will have fun.....

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