Sunday, February 27, 2011

I've Got Sunshine in a Bag

Pursuing something of a trivial theme if I may for just one more blog entry,further to the 'cakes' of previous entry, here is an interesting (you gotta be kidding !) insight into the mind of a 40 something Beatle fan well past his sell-but date. The above snap is a Sgt Pepper cushion of the highest quality ! whatever next ?! Well, you can get the whole 3-piece suite ensemble in the same pyscedelic style should you be that way inclined (I am ! I am !) A very, very well received birthday present from my sometimes-disparing-always-curious-increasingly-worried family. Interestingly (again, you gotta...) my camera, having a whizz-bang-cutting-edge facility of face recognition, would only focus on the Macca Mug. No mattter how hard I tried to nudge it in the direction of the Dr. O'Boggie visog it refused the invitation. I could practically hear the scathing sarcasm of the be-spectacled one.

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