Friday, October 26, 2012

High as a Kite

Well at least that would be some excuse for the madness (madness I tell you !) of a middle aged idiot wasting his entire, precious Saturday morning in dusty old second hand bookshops and local libraries pawing over ancient, unloved tomes in search of a picture of an antique shop that once existed at the higher end of Sevenoaks town.  Kent in Colour - yours for a very reasonable one £1.50 - original price 2/6. 

Yes, yes ! The awning over the shop that was about to possess the circus poster. Judging by the attire of those shoppers I am guessing just seven more years before ...ting-a-long "Hi Ya (scouse accent). How much is that poster in the window ?""For you Mr Lennon a very reasonable ...." How much did he pay....  I'm getting closer ! Also see the Top-of-the-Hill restaurant next door but one.


  1. Excellent detective work. What're the odds of finding that? That's on a needle in a haystack level!

  2. Thanks PP. I will find the photo eventually