Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Magical Mystery Ivory Cutlery

Back in the day - the day being the year - the year being 1977, I recall the musical split in the 4th year views on music in our little ol' forgotten grammar school for boys by the sea.. We had the the would-be punks; the rebels without a pause who snuck out of woodwork early on a Tuesday afternoon to make the 999 gig at the  Electric Ballroom that evening, returning to Folkestone on the 5am train and sleeping through maths the next day smelling of..well just smelling really but sometimes of alcohol those lucky, daring sods. We had the would-be hippies who grew their hair long - as long as the demon headmaster would allow - who rode their Puch Maxi mopes in convey fashion to Canterbury University to watch Gong or whatever was the Canterbury prog rock thing of the time smelling of ....well just smelling really but sometimes of dope those lucky, hairy bastards. You know what's coming.... well I was a team-of-one...frowned upon by all others; tolerated...just. The.....boy who liked the Beatles smelling of ...oh Christ knows but nothing at all interesting the poor sod. Enough sharing already. Anyway, back in the ....done that.....whatever clan we were in, we all had good ol' Radio Caroline (who sometimes did a Roadshow in our sleepy hollow) and we had John Peel (who obviously favoured clan 1 in '77). But John Peel played this funny fellow reading out his funny poetry. Life in Scottish Living Room was a memorable surreal moment back then and much remarked upon the next day. Little did I know that he was a favourite of the Fabs and appointed to the role of Buster Bloodvessel in MMT.

Just caught up with my Virgin Box and watched MMT and the making-of said Beatle indulgence. Funny how it all comes back. Funny how very bad parents re-live out their youth  through their poor tolerant kids. I don't always like myself.

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