Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mr Kite - Sevenoaks High Street

Been there, seen it, done it. Several times in fact (witness many previous pointless posts on this subject). However, being of unsound mind and even unsounder body, and of course, registering highly on the obsessive/compulsive scale, I keep going there, seeing it and doing it again and again - and no-one knows why !! Why ! Why ! Why ! Well, because its there and its on the doorstep of Casa Brilig. Ain't that a good enough reason ? A question that does not beg an answer. Here is said shop about a year ago

And here is a Frith photo of the antique shop where John Lennon bought the Mr Kite poster during the Beatles' visit to the fabulous Knole Park for the making of there SFF video. See the big clumsy arrow ? That is where it was !

Mein Gott Willy !! Look, you can just about see the flotsum and jetsum left outside the shop that must have drawn said Fab into the parlour.

Oh my God ! Look you can see the poster ! 

 Wouldn't that be good - to see the poster hanging on the wall just waiting for good ol' Johnny L to come and buy.

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