Friday, October 26, 2012

Let me take you down 'cause...

At the tail end of 1970 I was nine years old. A Beatle freak such as I (me ? think it's I) might be expected to have a veritable closet load of memories from those formative years and this might then lead to some simple explanation of my anal retentiveness when it comes to fave subject. But no ! I recall very few Fab Facts from my youth. Que'ce que c'est que ca ? I hear your chorus cries ? I dunno captain ! I just canna' explain it. But there are just a few dim and distant memories...I recall my mother coming home from her Monday night bingo with my nan and proclaiming her win of 20 squids by throwing the notes in the air and exclaiming 'We Won !' to which I recall inquiring, "Are we as rich as the Beatles ?". "No.."said my nan, "They earn a hundred pound a week !". I'm guessing that to be about 1965. And then on to 1969 (or 1970) when lining up for assembly one of the kids told us all that a Geeeeerman was going to join the Beatles and so we all started to sing, "Ve all lieben in a yellow submarinee" - German accent hard to transcribe and I doubt we said 'lieben' - we were all plebs of the first order.

Enough of this guff. Look what I found (OK - bought but don't tell the family) on the intraweb. Which of the Fabs is the worst likeness ?? My God look at poor old Ringo ! I tittered at the words in the border - "Swami, how I love ya How I love ya my dear old Swami " Ho, ho, ho. This is MAD from 1968 - bloody obvious.

And then a very reasonably priced ST magazine from 1988 containing Yoko's response to the Albert Goldman book. Never read that one and not sure I would want to.

Look at JL with his best mate. I read somewhere that Yoko said not a day went by without JL talking about Stuart Sutcliffe. Really sticks in my mind and now I'm thinking about the Backbeat show I saw in London last year...stop thinking about it ! Too sad, too sad..

Hey ! Hey We're the Beatles ! Why did Ted Heath hail them as the savior of the corduroy industry ?  This is from the ST Magazine dated 29-Dec-1963. A very reasonable tenner on ebay - but shsssshhh ! The eldest needs new school shoes and I've told her she'll have to get a paper-round. She just does not get this whole priorities thing....

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